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Alpha 1-2 LDplus Entry Package

Lyophilization, also called freeze drying, is by far the gentlest product drying method. It is based on the physical phenomenon of sublimation, which means a direct transition from the solid state to the vapour state without passing through the liquid state. The frozen products are dried under vacuum without thawing.

This method offers a wide spectrum of
potential applications:

• For preserving the characteristics of the original substances (e.g. pharmaceutical products or coffee)
• For preserving the original form (e.g. animal preparations, archaeological objects, fl owers or books)
• For conditioning the material (e.g. freeze-dried fruit in yoghurt)
• For the sample preparation for chemical or biochemical analysis (e.g. investigation of trace elements in foods, sludge or soil)

The Alpha 1-2 LDplus Entry Package with its ultimate perfection is your universal tool for successful processes, day by day

Complete and Ready-To-Use
Trust Our Application Competence
The Entry Package includes:

• Freeze dryer Alpha 1-2 LDplus
• Vacuum pump with exhaust fi lter
• Vacuum sensor
• Acrylic chamber
• Internal base plate for other containers
• 6 rubber valves for fl ask connection

Get Best Results
Innovative technology and highest quality

• Compact, high-performance laboratory lyophilizer with little space requirements
• Drying chamber directly above ice condenser chamber – for high sublimation performance and short process times
• Ice condenser chamber with high-quality stainless steel and internal condenser coils
• Easily accessible ice condenser and perfect visual control
• Fast hot-gas defrosting and cleaning/decontamination, drain valve included
• Digitally displayed ice condenser temperature with indirect determination of sample temperature
• Modular design: retrofi t your Entry Package with our comprehensive range of accessories

  • دمای55-
  • حجم چمبر 3/5 لیتر و تولید روزانه KG 2.5
  • ابعاد w315 x H345 x D460
  • طیف گسترده و متنوعی از لوازم جانبی شامل انواع چمبرها و منیفولدها
  •  محفظه خشک کردن بالای کندانسور یخ برای ظرفیت تصعید بالا و زمان فرایند کوتاه
  • محفظه کندانسور یخ با کندانسور داخلی ساخته شده از فولاد ضد زنگ با کیفیت بالا از نوع 316L
  • نمایش دیجیتال دما و خلا
  • ​​​​​​​نمایش پارامترهای مهم فرآیند
  • انتخاب گسترده ای از زبانهای مختلف
  • ​​​​​​​ کنترل میزان خلاء

Alpha 1-2 LD PLUS​​​​​​​

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